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This is gonna be the best day of my life, my (life).

American Authors -- Best Day of My Life

Recent Quotes

  • Focus on me (Focus), f-f-focus on me (Focus on me).

    Ariana Grande
  • You act like you know me, but you never will, but that's one thing that I know for sure, I'll show you.

    Justin Bieber
  • Bang my head against the wall.

    David Guetta

Popular Quotes

  • I'm going to see if I can't right a couple wrongs, before I wake up with another day gone.

  • (Let it go), can't hold back anymore, (let it go), turn away and slam the door.

    Idina Menzel
  • Bring the cups baby I could bring you the drink, bring your body baby I could bring you fame.

    The Weeknd