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Zaptones is a unique music and social networking service that allows people to communicate through the lyrics and corresponding audio of their favorite songs. Here at Zaptones our users are extremely interactive and they use our song quotes as a tool to communicate with one another daily. Click on the Request an Ad button to receive more information about advertising with Zaptones.

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What is a Promo Zap?

  1. A Promo Zap offers a brand new market method that is owned and created solely by Zaptones
  2. A Promo Zap presents a very entertaining and powerful marketing combination by presenting the lyrics and the corresponding audio to Your consumers
  3. A Promo Zap can be placed either on one of our web pages or within the active Feed of our mobile application
  4. A Promo Zap allows Your consumers to market Your product for you through social media
  5. Each time a user “Likes” Your Promo Zap it is shown on their personal Facebook Home Feed (Each user on Facebook has on average 350 friends)
  6. Users can click on the play button on demand to play the corresponding audio
  7. The user will be able to access your selected URL directly
  8. Fill out the advertisement inquiry form below and let the Promo Zap help you reach your marketing goals!

Promo Zap Example

Promo Zap

We all know it's not what you do, it's how you do, and this is how we Dew.



Creating Your Promo Zap

  1. The quote of Your Promo Zap should be very short and to the point
  2. Create a very eye appealing Promo Zap image
  3. Create the corresponding audio of Your Promo Zap
    • State the lyrics of Your Promo Zap in the audio
  4. Fill out the Promo Zap form and send in your image in a .jpeg/.gif/.png and your audio in a .mp3 file format
  5. A representative of the Zaptones Sales Team will be in contact with you to finalize Your Promo Zap

Promo Zap Specs

  1. Quote Name: (150 characters maximum)
  2. Quote Link: (Link to your web page)
  3. Specific Audio Selection: (Commercial or radio ad that contains the audio of the quote, audio only 25 seconds maximum) (mp3 audio format)
  4. Background Image: (140px height X 500px width) (jpeg. format)

Banner Advertisements

  1. Your banner ad will consist of an image linked to your landing page
  2. Customized consumer targeting options are available
  3. Your banner ad will be placed on the right side of a Zaptones web page
  4. We offer two different sized banner ads (200x350 pixels or 300x600)
  5. Fill out the Advertising Request Form below

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