How It Works


Sign In

Click the Sign In button and connect either your Facebook account, Twitter account, or both!

sign in social media login

Follow & Invite Friends

From the account menu you can find friends to follow and invite friends who aren’t here yet.

find friends invite friends

Explore Zapshots

View your friends’ zapshots from the homepage or choose to see everyone’s shots.

action buttons sample zapshot

Create & Post Your Own Zapshot

Zaptones lets you share photos with a music quote over or below.

  • Click the Quotes button at the top of the screen.

    quotes button
  • Use the search field or select an emotional category to begin exploring song quotes.

    search field
  • Click the Camera button on any song quote to start your zapshot.

    camera button

    Upload a photo from your computer or link to an image on the web.

    upload image

    Edit your zapshot’s text.

    Add tags to create trends.

    You can choose to have the text appear over the image or below it.

    Hit the Update button to apply your changes.

    Post your zapshot once it looks right.

    post your zapshot
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