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Bieber Finds His Purpose, Can You?

Nov 19, 2015 03:07 PM


Most of us reading this article are likely in our 20's and this could be the time in our lives where we feel lost and don't know exactly who we are. Society grasps us to think we always have to be posting pictures of being happy and living materialistic life. Have nice things? Post it. Check. Get likes. Check. 

We feel this reward and gratification of showing the world we are happy. But is that truly happiness? Justin Bieber is finally telling the world what life really means to him. And its not all about the nice clothes and designer shoes. This isn't true happiness people! 

He does this by his movement called PURPOSE. Each one of us has a purpose, and while we are trying to figure our purpose out, we have to go through struggles and make mistakes. Once we learn from our mistakes, we are able to figure ourselves out. So, thank you Justin for not just writing songs about relationships, and showing the hottest girls in your music videos. Instead, he gives us an image of him figuring out his life and what happiness is about. 

I'm sure if we are all regular radio listeners, we've heard Justin Bieber's songs over and over again. The Sorry or What Do You Mean?... We listen to these top hits and instantly think of either a past relationship or one you might be in now. But what about Bieber's other songs? The one about Life Worth Living? Yeah, Justin BIEBER sings to us that our lives are worth living, no matter what we go through, we will get over it and we'll be okay. 

Let us just take a quick pause right now… and appreciate the life we are living at this very moment. Sometimes we need to take a break from the media and the thoughts of what other people think about you or how many likes you will get on your next profile picture. 

STOP. and APPRECIATE the LIFE you are LIVING. Stop with the needs and the wants and starts the appreciating. 

Thank you Justin for your PURPOSE album. I was especially blown away by the music video to the song "Life Worth Living". I'm telling you all right now to go check it out. It is a break from reality, which we all need. Break away from the social media and the manipulation we are all guilty of. 

Live life, love life, and listen to the NEW Bieber. 

Thats all I'd like to say.  

Post written by: Caitlin Salvino @Cait_Salvino

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!

Nov 05, 2015 10:48 AM


I am currently sitting in Starbucks trying to think about what Justin Timberlake "JT" has NOT done in the entertainment industry. I've concluded that he has done it all! Boy band lead singer, solo pop star, movie star, multi-Grammy Award winner, multi-Emmy Award winner. The list could go on forever... 

Justin Timberlake has conquered the entertainment industry, and let me add he has done it modestly. I've never heard a JT story similar to a JB story, have you? Nope, didn't think so. I give Justin props for not letting himself become absorbed by bad influences, besides his stylist during his earlier days. 

Now, as of last night, who would have thought the lead singer of the boy band NSYNC could also pull off a genre, not including Pop or R&B...

Last night, Justin Timberlake performed at the Country Music Awards (CMAs). Wait…hold up! Justin Timberlake singing country music.. What is up with that!? 

Well friends let me tell you...

1. I'd like to add in that JT is from Nashville, Tennessee. So deep down, yes ladies.. He is a country boy! 

2. Justin Timberlake was ASKED by new country star, Chris Stapleton, if he would join him in singing at the CMA Awards. Stapleton told ABC, Justin's reply was, "Yeah man, I'm in. Just tell me when to show up."

3. JT is the first musician to star in the top 3 genre categories: Country, Pop, and Urban. We've seen him on the big screen and on the red carpet with his beautiful wife and movie star, Jessica Biel. Oh, and lets not forget about his dancing shoes. JT can move! 

If you all haven't listened to Timberlake and Stapleton's performance, please watch. 


The two men sang two songs together; Tennessee Whiskey and Drink You Away

Post written by: Caitlin Salvino @Cait_Salvino

Hello to Adele, Goodbye to Taylor Swift

Oct 29, 2015 10:14 AM


The facts are up ladies and gentleman! Adele has crossed the finish line and knocked away all other top songs this week. 

Its been about two years since we heard her sensational voice. According to Vevo's 24 hour views, Adele's music video for Hello had about 27 million views. To put this in perspective, Adele had 4 MILLION MORE views than pop star princess Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video. Even more impressive, "Hello" has over 450,000 downloads on iTunes!

Adele's new single Hello shares her true feelings about her personal life. This song will make you want to carry tissues in your pocket and possibly belch the lyrics in the shower as if your voice sounds just as good as hers. I don't know about you all, but Adele has a gift that has exploded into the U.S. and UK's hearts. Words can barely explain.  

Fun fact about Adele's childhood... According to a Lifetime's biography of Adele, she started her singing career at a very young age, with her first "concert" taking place in her bedroom for family and friends. 

Adele's new album 25 will be released November 20th! 

Post written by: Caitlin Salvino @Cait_Salvino

Don't Look Away!

Oct 22, 2015 11:55 AM


 Usher's new music video "Chains" wants us to keep our eyes on the screen. 

"#DONTLOOKAWAY racial injustice needs to stop"- Usher

Usher expresses these type of issues by showing the faces of real life victims. In the video, the victims of racial injustice are actually staring directly at you while you watch. The realistic look is done by allowing your webcam to be used during the video. 

The webcam is able to sense where your eyes are looking, forcing you to stare into the eyes' of the recent victims, "because it is important not only to feel the issue, but to face it." 

This video is highlighting the abuse of the state power in a very powerful and unique way, so don't even think about looking away! 

Post written by: Caitlin Salvino @Cait_Salvino

Selena Gomez's New "Revival"

Oct 10, 2015 04:20 PM


“No, this is my time. I’ve deserved this. I earned it. This is all me!”- Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is done being the nice girl and has made up her mind that it is now her time. It seems that Selena is tired of all the rumors about her life. Rumors such as gaining weight because of her break up with Justin Bieber or going on a break from music because she can't handle her life..?

SHE'S BEEN HIDING FROM US! Gomez finally came out of her silence and told Billboard magazine during an interview that she was recently diagnosed with LUPUS DISEASE and has been going through chemotherapy. Lupus disease is an infection that attacks the body's tissues and organs. It is most common in women, affecting nearly 1.5 million Americans a year. Many say it is disheartening to hear how much trouble she has been going through, as tabloids continue to explode with fake stories about this young girl's personal life.

Gomez named her new album "Revival" and it released TODAY!

In this album, Gomez expresses her true feelings. She has transformed right before our very eyes! Starting out as the disney channel princess and now as a woman expressing who she really is. During her interview with Billboard she stated, "The hate has motivated me" and "it's her time!"

Listen to Selena's New Album on iTunes

She speaks her mind and can help you speak yours!

This quote from her song Revival is my favorite...

“I’ve been under self-restoration, I’ve become my own salvation, showing up, no more hiding, hiding. The light inside me is bursting, shining/ It’s my, my, my time to butterfly.”

What's yours?

Post written by: Caitlin Salvino @Cait_Salvino